Brno observatory 13th and 14th May 2019

Spectacular Pink Floyd show by Distant Bells featuring unique video projection and 70´s sound.

A lot of vintage amps and instruments, Ludwig drums from the 60´s and bass Fender Precision also from the 60´s. All of that accompanied by great video projection made especially for the Brno observatory.

See you there!

Time: 19:00
Price: 280 CZK

You can also take a look at the pictures from the last show in Observatory or browse through our vintage gear.

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Open-air in amphitheatre in Velka Bystrice 18th May

Our only open-air concert will take place on 18th May 2019 in the beautiful amphitheatre of Velka Bystrice. If you knew our open-air gigs in Rajec-Jestrebi you will be happy because the sound and lights will be controlled by the same technician crew Happysound.

Therefore you can look forward to see (and hear) a lot of vintage amps and instruments, great sound and lights, video projection and of course a long concert full of timeless Pink Floyd music.

The gig starts at 20:00.

Tickets are available for sale at Kulturni a informacni centrum Velka Bystrice and in Olomouc infocenter.

Price 100 CZK in advance, 200 CZK on place.

Contacts on pre-sale:

tel.: 734 236 502



Zámecké nám. 755, Velká Bystřice.

More info you can find at promoters web.

Vintage Lugwig drums – new member to our gear

We proudly present our new member of the music gear – Ludwig drums from the 60´s and Paiste cymbals from the 70´s.

Here a description from our drummer Jakub “Kocka” Kocicka:

“For most of the drummers of the 60´s and 70´s era was the legendary big sound of the Ludwig drums a keystone. Ludwin drums was made of three layers – maple/poplar/maple which made this specific warm and compact tone. In our drum set you can find bass drum 22″, toms 13″ and 16″, snare drum 14″ Supraphonic which we sometimes alternate with its old model from the 60´s. Hardware is completely contemporary expect for bass drum pedal and stool.

Paiste cymbals from the series 602 and 2002 are from the 70´s. Their identification sign is great dynamic sensibility and soft tone.”

For more of our gear click here.

Band T-shirts ready to order!

Finally we made something for our fans. We will definitely recognise you now on our concerts 🙂 You can order t-shirts through an e-mail or website . We can send it by post or we can delivery it to some of our concerts and give it to you personally.

Price: 15 €

Sizes S, M, L, XL.