The night of the legends no. 17

The night of the legends no. 17 ! Friday 12. 4. 2019, Semilasso, Brno. We are waiting for a “flower” evening full of psychedelic rock, which will present the best tribute of the band JANIS JOPLIN, JIMI HEDRIX, THE DOORS and PINK FLOYD!

The Distant Bells repertoire features more than 70 Pink Floyd songs. The band earned their audience with the loyal sound of the legendary “Floyd”. On this Evening legend, he will focus on the early work of Pink Floyd.

Janis Joplin revival, led by singer Táňa Poláčková, will also perform. An energetic concert will bring audiences into the era of the famous Woodstock festival, which will be over 50 years old this year.

Dani Robinson, with his play and stage show, has inspired Brno audiences with his premiere legend. This American guitarist, for example, has been touring alongside bass guitarist Jimi Hendrix Billy Cox. We are glad that after a long time he will play legends again at Evening.

The evening closes the authentic Doors Experiment from Austria. The band will perform in the Czech Republic after 7 years as part of their tour, commemorating the 75th birthday that would celebrate the glorious frontman The Doors Jim Morisson this year.

Tickets available for CZK 290 in advance (in the Ticketportal network and in the usual Brno pre-sales) will cost 350 CZK on the spot.

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12. 4. 2019, KC SEMILASSO, BRNO
PINK FLOYD revival Distant Bells
JIMI HENDRIX revival Stonefree Czech Experience (USA/CZ)
THE DOORS Experience (AT)

Vintage Lugwig drums – new member to our gear

We proudly present our new member of the music gear – Ludwig drums from the 60´s and Paiste cymbals from the 70´s.

Here a description from our drummer Jakub “Kocka” Kocicka:

“For most of the drummers of the 60´s and 70´s era was the legendary big sound of the Ludwig drums a keystone. Ludwin drums was made of three layers – maple/poplar/maple which made this specific warm and compact tone. In our drum set you can find bass drum 22″, toms 13″ and 16″, snare drum 14″ Supraphonic which we sometimes alternate with its old model from the 60´s. Hardware is completely contemporary expect for bass drum pedal and stool.

Paiste cymbals from the series 602 and 2002 are from the 70´s. Their identification sign is great dynamic sensibility and soft tone.”

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Band T-shirts ready to order!

Finally we made something for our fans. We will definitely recognise you now on our concerts 🙂 You can order t-shirts through an e-mail or website . We can send it by post or we can delivery it to some of our concerts and give it to you personally.

Price: 15 €

Sizes S, M, L, XL.