Our only open-air concert will take place on 18th May 2019 in the beautiful amphitheatre of Velka Bystrice. If you knew our open-air gigs in Rajec-Jestrebi you will be happy because the sound and lights will be controlled by the same technician crew Happysound.

Therefore you can look forward to see (and hear) a lot of vintage amps and instruments, great sound and lights, video projection and of course a long concert full of timeless Pink Floyd music.

The gig starts at 20:00.

Tickets are available for sale at Kulturni a informacni centrum Velka Bystrice and in Olomouc infocenter.

Price 100 CZK in advance, 200 CZK on place.

Contacts on pre-sale:

tel.: 734 236 502

e-mail: kic@muvb.cz


Zámecké nám. 755, Velká Bystřice.

More info you can find at promoters web.